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Here is a set of books that shed some light on how evidence supports medical claims.

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If you want to start learning critical thinking on your own here is a list of books that we consider helpful. If you are just starting to learn about the subject, we would avse you to start with some books from the Beginners column. The adavanced books require a certain level of understading of how critical thinking works.


Browne, M.N. and Keeley, S M (2004)-Asking he right questions. A guide to critical thinking. Pearson Prentice Hall

Butterworth. J & Thwaites, G.(2005)-Thinking Skills. Cambridge University Press

Butterworth,J.  and  Thwaites, G.(2013)-Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Cambridge International Examinations. Cambridge University Press

Bonnett, A. (2008)-How to Argue. 2nd Ed Pearson Prentice Hall.

Cotrell,S. (2017)-Critical Thinking Skills: Developing Effective Analysis and Argument (Palgrave Study Skills)  

Epstein, RL (2002)-Critical Thinking. Wadsworth/Thomson Learning

Fisher,A. (2011)-Critical Thinking An introduction (Palgrave Study Skills)  

Fogelin, RJ & Sinnott-Armstrong, W. (2014)- Understanding Arguments. An Introduction to Informal Logic.  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers

Hills, D. (2011)- Student Essentials. Critical Thinking. Trotman Publishing

Hughes, W. and Lavery, J. (2004)-Critical Thinking. An introduction to the basic skills. 4 Ed. Broadview Press

Hunter, D. (2014)-A Practical guide to critical thinking. Deciding what to do and believe. John Willey & Sons

Kaye, S.M. (2009)-Critical Thinking-A beginner’s guide. Oneworld

McInemy, D.Q. (2005)-Being Logical: A guide to Good Thinking. Random House

Moore & Parker (2009)-Critical Thinking 9th Ed McGrawHill

Shand, J. (2000)-Arguing Well. Routledge

Swatridge, C.(2014)- Oxford Effective Argument and Critical Thinking (Oxford Guides). Oxford University Press

Thomson, A. (2003)-Critical Reasoning: A practical introduction. 2nd Ed. Routledge

Weston, A. (2009)-A rulebook for Arguments. 4th Ed. Hackett Publishing Company



Sutherland, S (2007)-Irrationality. Pinter & Martin Ltd.

Ariely, D. (2010)-The Upside of Irrationality. The unexpected benefits of defying logic at home ad at work. Harper

Baronett, S (2015)-Logic.Oxford University Press.USA

Baggini, J. (2008)-Do they think you're stupid? 100 Ways of Spotting Spin and Nonsense from the Media, Celebrities and Politicians. Granta Books

Gilovitch, T. (1991)-How do we know what isn’t so? logic at work and at home. Harper Collins Publishers

Kahane, H. and Cavender, N (2006)-Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric. The use of reason in everyday life. Thomson Wadsworth

Law, S. (2011)- Believing bullshit. Prometheus books

Paul, R. and Elder, L. (2012)-Critical Thinking, 30 days to better thinking and better living through. FT Press

Robinson, R (2005)-Why the Toast Always Lands Butter Side Down: The Science of Murphy's Law. Robinson

Schoenberg, B. (2007)-Critical Thinking in Business

Thomson, A (2000)-Critical Reasoning in Ethics. Cambridge University Press

Tittle, P. (2011)-Critical Thinking: An Appeal to Reason. Routledge

Vaughn, L (2007)-The Power of Critical Thinking: Effective Reasoning About Ordinary and Extraordinary Claims 2nd Edition. Oxford University Press

Walton, D.(2006)-Fundamentals of Critical Argumentation (Critical Reasoning and Argumentation). Cambridge University Press



Bennet, B. (2012)-Logically Fallacious. The ultimate collection over 300 fallacies. eBookit.com

Bluedorn,N. and Bluedorn,H.(2003)-The Fallacy Detective. Christian Logic

Gardner, M. (1957)-Fads and fallacies in the name of science.

Gula, R.J. (2002)-Nonsense, Red Herrings, Straw Men and Sacred Cows. How we abuse logic in our everyday language

Livingston,M. (2016)-Mastering Logical Fallacies: Ho wto win arguments and refute misleading logic.Axios Press

Pirie,M. (2015)-How to win every argument. The use and abuse of logic. Continuum

Withey,M. and Zhang,H. (2016)-Mastering Logical Fallacies: The Definitive Guide to Flawless Rhetoric and Bulletproof Logic 

van Vleet,J. (2010)-Informal Logical Fallacies: A brief Guide



Baronett, S (2015)-Logic.Oxford University Press.USA