• Unit 1: General Introduction to animal welfare
    Unit 2: Definitions of the main concepts in animal welfare
    Unit 3: Limits to adaptation and coping
    Unit 4: Stress responses
    Unit 5: Monitoring animal welfare

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  • Unit 1: Approaches to the study of behaviour
    Unit 2: Motivation
    Unit 3: Cognition, learning, memory and play
    Unit 4: Behavioural evolution and adaptation
    Unit 5: The animal mind
    Unit 6: Descriptive ethology
    Unit 7: Applied ethology. Assessing normal and abnormal behaviour,ethograms

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  • Unit 1: Overview of the most common farming practices
    Unit 2: Welfare issues in farm animals (1): Handling and transport
    Unit 3: Welfare issues in farm animals (2): Stunning and slaughter
    Unit 4: The welfare of large animals: cattle, pigs
    Unit 5: The welfare of large animals: sheep, goats, camels, horses
    Unit 6: The welfare of small animals: poultry and rabbits
    Unit 7: Recently farmed species
    Unit 8: Fish farming
    Unit 9: Monitoring farm animal welfare

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  • Unit 1: Biological and behavioural introduction to the species most used in research
    Unit 2: The 3Rs
    Unit 3: Improving the welfare of animals used in research
    Unit 4: Alternative methods
    Unit 5: The use of animals in education. Welfare issues

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  • Unit 1: Wild animals in farms, as pets and in shows
    Unit 2: Conservation ex-situ, zoos and environmental enrichment
    Unit 3: Conservation in-situ: welfare issue of free wild animals
    Unit 4: Human-wildlife conflict: welfare issues
    Unit 5: Hunting wildlife for sports and conservation management

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  • Unit 1: Working animals, and animals in shows and sports
    Unit 2: The Welfare of Companion Animals(1):Common issues
    Unit 3: The Welfare of Companion Animals(2):Cats and Dogs
    Unit 4: Stray Animals and Shelters
    Unit 5: The Welfare of Rodents and Ferrets
    Unit 6: The Welfare of Pet Birds
    Unit 7: The Welfare of Exotic Pets

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  • Unit 1: Law mechanisms
    Unit 2: UK legislation in animal welfare
    Unit 2: Brazilian Law (only for Brazilian students. Text in Portuguese)
    Unit 3: European union Legislation in animal welfare
    Unit 4: International agreements in animal welfare
    Unit 5: Lobby for the promotion of legislation in animal welfare

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  • Unit 1: What is ethics and why do we need it ? Basic concepts in moral philosophy and ethical theories
    Unit 2: Historical and social approach to the attitudes toward animals
    Unit 3: The concept of moral value
    Unit 4: The concept or rights
    Unit 5: Animal Capacities
    Unit 6: Practical ethics (analysis and discussion of case studies involving animals)

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