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About us

Theomakos is a word rooted in classical Greek meaning battling the Gods. It refers to those philosophers form Classical Greece who questioned the existence and behaviours of the gods and rejected irrational beliefs.

We adopted this name to reflect our purpose to help those engaged in a personal battle against any beliefs or dogmatic stances that prevents you from being yourself and liberate you to achieve your full potential.We provide support along this difficult path to self-identification through one-to-one or group sessions, workshops and rational counselling.

We are a group of psychologists and counsellors with a secular stance and scientific background specifically trained to support people engaged in questioning not only their religious beliefs, but going through a process of search for meaning in their life.

Our Ethos

Theomakos was created to support people undergoing change. Processes of change involve the abandonment of old beliefs and embracing of new ones. This is usually a painful process where the mind leaves the cosy space of the familiar to plunge in a new unknown new world full of uncertainty. Our purpose is to help you to embrace that new world, and reduce your angst when facing the unknown. Our purpose is not to change you, but to help you through the changes that you choose and make you feel more comfortable with your new self. We support you though your metamorphosis providing you with the most recent scientific knowledge about the mind, liberating your spirit into the realm of rationality.

Our methodology is inspired by CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, The Human Givens, Positive Psychology, Critical Thinming and Philosophical Psychology.


Our method

We are not an organisation set to convert people to atheism or agnosticism. We are aware that some people may feel solace in spiritual beliefs. Our goal is not to remove you from your spiritual beliefs, but to identify those that are preventing you from growth and bring you emotional pain and pain.

We are adamant to emphasise that the personal spiritual beliefs of our counsellors should not be expressed as part of our help. We address the mind with an objective philosophical and scientific stance and engage into explaining why we are as we are.

We do not subscribe to any particular type of psychotherapy since our philosophy is rooted on the rejection of dogmas and inflexible brand marked therapies.

We help those searching for meaning and self-identification recurring to the latest know-how in neurobiology, psychology, evolutionary psychology, philosophy and critical thinking often adopting the Socratic method of questioning as a process to transform confusion into a clear pathway.

We do not reject the concept of spirituality, but it is rooted in an understanding of the mind as a product of the workings of the brain.

Sometimes, if the client agrees may use animals as helpers in the processes if therapy. Animals provide comfort but also help to understand ourselves when we identify differences and similarities with other species.


Code of Ethics

We subscribe to the values and principles stated by the ethical framework developed by British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Any person receeing support from our specialists is required to entera mutual contract which enforces confidentiality and mutual respect.

The contract is a written document between the client and the organisation where the number of hours, duties and obligations are agreed by both the client and the counsellor.It protects both parties from misunderstandings and clarifies the procedure during the counselling sessions.

You can see a template of the contract here, but it can be adapted to satisfy the needs of both stakeholders upon agreement. The sessions will not start until the contract is agreed.

Online sessions follow the same rules as face-to-face.

Download the terms of the contract



Theomakos is based in Cambridge, UK and runs individual and group sessions in several places. Before booking a series of sessions we suggest taht you email us first and have a first interview free of charge over skype. This interview one of our counsellors will last for 30 minutes and its purpose is to identify your needs and agree what would be the best approach to your issues.

We abide by a code of ethics which above all respects the client's privacy.

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