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We offer specialised counselling on the following issues:

  • Counselling or coaching: What's the difference
  • Why are we offering counselling?
  • Animal assisted therapy
  • How we can help you


COUNSELLING or COACHING: What's the difference?

Counselling and coaching use similar skills but whereas coaching embraces a more directive approach, offering solutions in counselling the method focuses more on listening and abstaining from taking the lead. There are many approaches to counselling which are based on different theories. We have adopted a novel revolutionary type of counselling that seeks to understand the mind, our desires, ideas and behaviours based on a mix of scientific theories which span from ethology, evolutionary psychology, neurobiology and cognitive psychology.



You might be wondering why a society that aims to promote critical thinking is also offering counselling. Very simple; we do not believe in the majority of counselling methods on offer. The majority of approaches are based on outdated theories, most of which have no evidence to support their claims.  Our critical analysis of such approach  concludes that many of these counselling approaches are based on unfounded beliefs and therefore have no more validity than any other  belief being it religious or new age. However we are not critical of counselling, as long as the client is aware of what he is going to experience before deciding to pay for counselling.

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Animals offer great support for anxiety and depression. There is a considerable body of reseacrh on the benefits of the human-animal bond. Much of this research focuses on the positive effects that animals have in dealing with particular types of psychological issues, and this is why we also offer pet therapy which allows the client to bring their pet or pet one of our animals while talking to the therapist.  

The animal functions as a supporting prop which distracts the client from feeling its own pain and talk about it while petting the animal.


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If you have fallen victim of internet trickery (see here)


Humans are social animals. We have evolved in tribes and families and our mind is hard-wired to live in groups. But our modern life often restricts our ability to establish long-term bonds. In the past humans living in the same tribes would share the same ideas and beliefs with little space or divergent thinking, but nowadays people are exposed to multiple types of beliefs and eventually they will choose to live in social groups that share the same opinions, beliefs and prejudices. But sometimes one starts questioning and such questioning is not welcomed by the group. The questioner is in a dilemma. Leave the group and lose all the social support that it provides and continue a journey of discovery alone, in solitude, or accept peer pressure and conform with their beliefs? Conforming to beliefs that are being questioned by us questioned is a violence against oneself . We get confused about what is right and wrong? Who to follow, who to listen to? This is why we offer support. We are trained to listen with unconditional regard, without prejudice and help to find the path that feel right to the client. We do not provide answers. Those answers have to come from inside you. But we help you to assess the possible outcomes through an objective and analytical approach. To do this we use an approach based on critical thinking and philosophy.

We do not endorse any religions, but yet we respect your right to withhold the beliefs that make you feel comfortable. We help you to apply rational appraisal to the thoughts that compete for space and attention inside your mind. Ultimately it is up to you to decide which path to take. We do not give you light. Enlightenment has to come from inside you, but we guide you towards the  light switch.

Am I going to turn into an atheist if I follow this approach?

Like a microscope is a tool that enables us to see the microscopic world, critical thinking is a mental tool that enables us to observe and understand the processes that forego inside our mind.  If you change your mind, this is because you decided to do so after you have identified that some of your beliefs may not be as true as you previously thought.
Critical thinking does not have fences. There is nothing is the world that is protected from its analytical approach, not even religion. Everything can be questioned.  But after your questioning and analysis you may come to the conclusion that there are concepts in your religion that are worth to keep.  You may come to realise that even if you don’t have evidence to support some of your beliefs, you have chosen to embrace them.

Our function as counsellors or coaches is not to change you, but to help you analyse what you think needs to be changed. Help you to be courageous to ask question and scrutinize the source of your beliefs and attitudes.  We provide you with professional   support you to analyse your dilemmas and reach clarity.  We are professionals trained to listen rather than to tell you what to do. Our function is not to indoctrinate you but to support you in your journey walking beside you.
We are not a new religion, nor a new age group. We are rationalists and support our claims and methods in evidence and science.