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Critical thinking can be applied to several issues, but now more than ever it is important to learn how to tell the truth from fake news and many other subjects that need careful consideration. [more]


List of in house courses run by our society.

Next course 8th May 2017 courses


Are you re-evaluting your beliefs and values and need help from an objective point of view?

Offering counselling /coaching support members and the general public [more].


Animal Assisted Therapy is a form of helping that uses animals as a suporting factor during counselling. [more]

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Information about what critical thinking is and does for us.



Lists of online educational videos, links to other websites with education resources, lists of fallacies

Lists of articles, magazines and books for beginners and advanced learners.


Links to other local, national and international groups and blogs engaged in the promotion of critical thinking. links


This is a blog with a difference. It is not a repository of opinions. It is rather a place where the participants practice the application of critical thinking tools in the analysis of texts. The blog is a space for all of you to participate in the debate.


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Why the need for this society?

Cambridge has a thriving intellectual life, however most of it runs inside the University which excludes many people that are not associated with the academic environment but still have an interest in challenging their mind.

This society was created by a group of Cambridgeshire residents and academics who have an interest in developing their arguing and debating skills as well as learn tools to assess the reliability of information.

In this "post-truth" climate, it is difficult to tell if the information we are exposed to is to be trusted. Our society offers courses, workshops and social events to exercise our skills in critical thinking.

We are also offering counselling services to support those who are going through life crises which involve the questionning of their values of beliefs. Sessions can be booked with our trained counsellors and coaches which take confidentiality in the highest regard.


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We are starting the new series of courses, meetings and workshops in September.

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